Amy Lam

👋 I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Fastly, working on bringing an intuitive user experience to the complicated world of caching. Fastly now serves over 10% of all requests on the interweb!

Lately, I've been writing for The Ember.js Times. We blog about what's new and happening in Ember this week in an approachable way. I participated in the Facebook Open Source mentorship program, working on Docusaurus. Docusaurus is a static site generator that makes it easy to maintain open source documentation websites. Prettier, React Native, and ReasonML are some well-known users of Docusaurus.

I previously worked on product design for early-stage startups, with a focus on user experience design and research for web and mobile. Before that, I was a mechanical engineer at Boeing, building satellite hardware. 🛰

I love living in the vibrant Mission district of San Francisco. Previously, I lived in Los Angeles, Boston, and Connecticut. I am a dogemom to a one-eyed Lakeland Terrier, Tessy (full name Tesla). Right now my favorite article headline is "Millennials are filling their homes — and the void in their hearts — with houseplants". I'm a fan of #doingthings and especially enjoy dodgeball, yoga, Classpass-ing, and skiing.